Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three languages in KG? Slow down there!!!

Here is a valid complaint from a reader in Orissa.

Is it fair to introduce three languages simultanously in lower classes such as K.G.2 ? in schools over orissa (balasore) second language (hindi) is introduced in K.G.1 and third language (oriya) in K.G.2 students get confused. please do something to save children from this undue pressure

 Either Hindi or Oriya has to move to 2nd grade or 5th grade. That is the formula to success as implemented by all the South Indian states.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Orissa blog

Welcome to the Orissa blog!

The blog has a Google news feed related to Orissa. Plus links of interest related to Orissa. So if you are a follower of events related to Orissa, this page should provide you with all the required tools.

You will also see a Orissa specific search engine attached to this blog. This search engine will give priority to Government and other good websites that have a focus on Orissa.

Give all the tools a try! Happy browsing!

Orissa interactive map